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Quick waterless pet shampoo
Quick waterless pet shampoo
Quick waterless pet shampoo
Quick waterless pet shampoo
Quick waterless pet shampoo
Quick waterless pet shampoo
Quick waterless pet shampoo
Quick waterless pet shampoo

Quick waterless pet shampoo


"I love my dogs and always want them to sleep with me, but my bed would get dirty from walks and i would get these crazy breakouts. Thanks to Commleaf, our dogs can cuddle with us and we all have Healthy Skin!! The best thing is it’s rinse free and takes me less than a minute to clean their paws!"

— Leah A. (Verified Customer)

Makes daily pet cleaning a breeze

Antibacterial & Anti-fungal

100% safe and non-toxic

Clean, condition, deoderize & detangle

Leaves coat smelling fresh

Made for dogs and cats that shed

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Can it really clean without water?

Not all pets enjoy getting a bath and will fight you every step of the way. Pamper your pet with Commleaf’s Quick Waterless Pet Shampoo - the easy way to a shiny, fresh-smelling coat instantly!




No rinse necessary

Refreshes your pet’s coat without leaving any build up.

Mess Free Clean

For any time your pet is not in the mood for getting wet

Ewg green grade

100% safe, tearless & hypoallergenic formula

Vet Derm Approved

Formulation that exceeds industry standard

Redefining Daily Cleaning

100% EWG
Green Grade Ingredients

100% Vegan Friendly
NO animal testing
NO animal ingredients.

98%Natural Origin

No fragrances
No artificial coloring

pH6 ~7 Neutral shampoo 

Free from 19 harmful ingredients

Antibacterial test

No oil surfactants
Natural surfactant

Convenient waterless shampoo

Your pets are an extension of you. Their health impacts your health, and it’s time to make a difference. Imagine walking to the dog park and wearing those same shoes going into bed, spreading bacteria and germs, creating the perfect environment for pimples and fungal growth inside your blankets. Commleaf is here to change that. Rest in Nature with furry friends.

Over 52,500+ Raving Customers

It's odorless

The foam comes out well and it has a brush, it's so convenient to wash my puppy’s paws! Besides, it's odorless and a German-certified vegan product, so I think it's very good that I can use it safely and with confidence. It was hard to wash dirty paws after walks everyday, but it's so nice that I can wash my pet's feet comfortably now^^!

- Charlotte

I Love Commleaf!

I used to wash my dog’s their feet with shampoo after walks every day, but drying was annoying. Then I found Commleaf quick dry pet shampoo! It has a lot of foam and it cleanses well. It's odorless, so it's good for dogs who are sensitive to smell. The ingredients are super amazing and I use it on a daily basis. Thank you Commleaf! ♥

- Sophia

Cleanses well!

I'm using it with confidence because it cleanses well! My dog hates water so much and gets stressed out every time we come back from a walk.
It is so nice to be able to clean peacefully now!

- Isabella

Odorless & Colorless

It's so nice to use dry pet shampoo so you don't get exhausted while giving bath ♥ It's odorless and colorless, so I'm using it as much as I want without worrying about irritation.

- Amelia

She loves it!

I wondered if it was really possible to wash without water? It is. The rich foam from natural plant surfactants cleans without irritation, and my baby’s fur is so fluffy and white again! She hates water bathes so much. Now it’s just like giving her a massage with a comb! She loves it!

- Scarlett

Easy To Use!

The ingredients are good, it lathers well, washes well, and it's easy to use! It is a must-have for my child who walks every day!

- Penelope

It Cleanses Well

It cleanses well. The ingredients are so nice and can be used on regular basis. I feel like I can use it on myself lol I'll have to stock up when it is finished.😘

- Luna

Less Stressed Out!

I have a dog that hates and is afraid of water, so it was very difficult to wash his feet after every walk, but now I can wash easily, quickly, and cleanly. He is also a lot less stressed out! This is a product that I will continue to use in the future.

- leea

What Makes
Commleaf Special

Find out why you should choose Commleaf over other brands



Certified Vegan

Certified Antibacterial

Certified Hypoallergenic

100% EWG Green Grade

Safe on daily basis

Safe for paw licking

Real Review

Safe and easy hypoallergenic!
 Comleaf Quick Waterless Pet Shampoo

Free from 19 harmful ingredients

Absolutely no harmful ingredients
for animals, human, or nature

It is a clean formula made to be safe for use on all dogs, from puppies to old dogs and sensitive dogs as it is directly used on their skin.

Testing on
19 harmful ingredients

7 kinds of Paraben, Phenoxyethanol CMIT/MIT, 6 kinds of Heavy metals, 3 kinds of Benzophenone

No fragrances

Cause high stress and skin irritation

No synthetic pigments

Cause allergic reactions and cancer

No oil surfactants

Cause various skin diseases and allergic reactions

No silicone

Interrupts impurity discharges by blocking pores

No polyquaternium

Level 4 ammonium salt is reportedly harmful to the lungs

Antibacterial test

 99.9% antibacterial on germs and fungus the main causes of dog skin disease

99.9% Antibacterial effect

Colon bacillus
Bacillus pyocyaneus

Common skin diseases


Otitis externa

Fungal skin infection

German Deram Test

Received the highest excellent level in German Derma Test!

Commleaf Pet Shampoo has received the highest excellent level in the German Derma Test which is widely known for its scrutiny in stimulation testing

Certificate Vegan

Cruelty Free!
Vegan Friendly!

Animal loving brand Commleaf, against the use of animal ingredients and animal testing

Commleaf, which values ethical animal welfare, never uses animal ingredients or animal testing.

Can it really clean without water?

Companion animals have thin and sensitive skin layers,
and since they often lick their fur,
products should be made with safer ingredients.
For pet safety, 
this simple formula uses only essential ingredients.

Human Skin

- Sudacid
- Thick epidermis

Dogs Skin

- Neutral
- Thin epidermis
(3-5 times weaker than a human’s)
- Multiple hair follicles

(One follicle has multiple hairs : Pores are wide so harmful chemicals are let in quickly)

97% nature originated ingredients

A safe formula based on a
hypoallergenic recipe,
that also ensures a clean wash.

Asiatic pennywort water

Madecassocide, which is the ingredients fo madecassocide,
a medical ointment, is made with the extrace of centella asistica It keeps the coat healthy and moist with its rich vitamins and minerals which are good for soothing and moisturizing the skin.

Houttuynia Cordata Extract

Perilla Frutescens Leaf Extract

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract


pH 6-7 neutral shampoo 

pH6-7 neutral shampoo
that best matches the skin balance of dogs

Dogs have little resistance to germs
because their skin is thin and close to neutrality.
Keep a good skin balance by using a pH6-7 neutral shampoo
that is suitable for dogs.


Higher acidity causes irritation and breaks the skin balance damaging the coat.

Adequate pH protects
the most in dry skin
after Shampooing, and
keeps skin healthy.


Damages the skin
barrier, making the
skin dry.   

Acid shampoo

Alkaline shampoo

Quick Waterles Pet Shampoo

Acid shampoo

Causes excessive oil
which reduces coat pliability

Acid shampoo

Keeps skin balanced
with the closest pH

Acid shampoo

Damages the skin barrier
causing skin dryness.

Quick Waterless Pet Shampoo uses
EWG green-grade ingredients only

What is EWG Green-Grade?

It is the safety level of cosmetic ingredients,
classified by an American non-profit environmental organization.
It’s divided into 10 grades, and a smaller grade means a safer formula

Natural surfactant from plants

Natural surfactant is not a choice, but essential

Commleaf Pet Shampoo do not contain sulfate surfactant (which is extracted from petroleum).
 Wash your dog with the rich lather of plant-derived 

Sulfate surfactant

Extracted from petroleum

It features strong cleansing
and a rich lather,
giving a soft feel

Not biodegradable


causes skin dryness,
allergic reactions
skin disease, 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS)
Sodium Laureth sulfate(SLES)
Amonium Lauryl Sulfate Solution(ALS)


Natural surfactant

Not Extracted from petroleum

(commonly coconut, sugar beet, and corn)

It features a sufficient
lather and fresh finish


Not Irritative

Safe on skin

Quick Waterless pet shampoo

Lauryl Glucoside
Decyl Glucoside
Sodium Cocoyl Alaninate

No fragrances

Be sure to check
if a fragrance or color is contained.

Some advertise that they are made with EWG green-grade ingredients only, but still contain a fragrance. Be sure to check if any fragrances are contained. Commleaf Pet Shampoo insists on “no fragrance” for the noses of pets  which are more sensitive than humans’

Synthetic fragrances, the culprit of dermal toxicity, are designated as an EWG grade 8-harmful ingredient.

Synthetic fragrance is often listed at the end of the ingredients,
and is added in small amounts
but they are designated as an EWG grade 8-harmful ingredient.
Fragrances can remain in the weak skin and fur of dogs, 
Causing serious allergic reactions.

More thorough cleaning with less irritation

Keep a healthy skin balance 

using a neutral shampoo


Dryness, itching, dandruff, flakes, Reddened and sensitive skin Coarse fur


Healthy skin balance
maintenance Healthy and moist skin

Commleaf Pet's consultative vet

Condition of a good pet shampoo
defined by a vet

Vet Kang Shin-seok

Frequent bathing can irritate the skin and cause wounds or skin trouble so Waterless Pet Shampoo, which allows spot cleaning without water can be a great solution.

Vet Dermatologist Kim Eun-gyeong

You can help reduce your pet’s skin irritations and stress if you use a natural fragrance-free and pH neutral product. Commleaf Quick Waterless Shampoo offers not only anti fungal and antibacterial properties eliminating infections and itchy skin, it also provides great hydration and soothing effect on the epidermal.

Rich Lather,
Quick Waterless Pet Shampoo

due to its use of natural ingredients 

Dispenses a dense and rich foam.
You can control the foam amount.

High Satisfaction

High satisfaction with cleansing,
hydration, and shiny results

How to use

How to use
Quick waterless pet shampoo


Detangle your dog’s fur before bath

Step 2

Dispense an appropriate amount
of foam from the silicone brush head

Step 3

Massage your pet’s skin or fur
with the brush head to clean out
any dirt 

Step 4

Dry your dog with a pet towel

Step 5

To clean brush head
separate it from the bottle,
and lightly wash under running water

Reliable domestic production

Produced in safe and clean domestic manufacture facilities.

Commleaf The Real Green Pet Shampoo is produced
by one of the top 3 manufacturers in Korea,
with a systematic and safe system.

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