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Real dry glove towel
Real dry glove towel

Real dry glove towel


"Great substitute for a messy bath. Not only did this work perfectly to alleviate their "need a bath" odor, but it also softened and conditioned their coats too. They just loved it."

— Leah A. (Verified Customer)

Makes daily pet cleaning a breeze

100% safe and non-toxic

Clean, condition, deoderize & detangle

Leaves coat smelling fresh

Made for dogs and cats that shed

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콤리프 리얼 드라이 장갑 타월

  • Soft ultrafine fabric
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Hygienic structure
  • Through water removal

Made in Korea High quality fabric produced in Korea

Soft Ultrafine fabric

Soft Ultrafine fabric

Dry ing time reduction

Glove shaped for through water removal 

Pet towel for your precious companion animal

Why a pet towel is needed: 

Can’t I use my own towel? 

The skin of companion animals is 3-5 times weaker than human skin. / Companion animals’ skin is neutral at pH7 and is sensitive to germs, so a soft and anti-germ pet towel made of ultrafine fabric is necessary for irritation-free drying of the coat.

Have poor body temperature control and a higher body temperature than that of a human’s: Dry quickly, using a pet-dedicated ultrafine fiber tvowel with high absorption, to prevent a coldHave poor body temperature control and a higher body temperature than that of a hu -

Long drying time
the cause of pet stress

Ear/skin stress from noise sensitivity,
and fur damage from hot wind Glove

Pets love the Commleaf Pet Glove.

It is perfect for the following pets

  • Pets that reject or get stressed by the noise and heat of a hair dryer
  • Pets prone to skin trouble from water remaining in the fur
  • Pets prone to skin irritation by conventional towels
  • Pets that require a long drying time
  • Pets prone to colds
  • Pets that require frequent towel use 
  • Pets that frequently require paws
    to be wash after a walk 

What’s special about
Commleaf glove towel?

Point 1

High quality fabric
produced in Korea.

Less fine dust, static, and dust.
Softer feel
100% produced in Korea, for quality control

Point 2

Most compact, 28-gauge
ultrafine weaving method

Weaved at the size of 1/1000 of hair,
to reduce static and pile loss

Point 3

Premium double processing

Both inside and outside of gloves equally
processed for increased absorption

In side

Out side

Point 4

Premium double processing

Both inside and outside of gloves
equally processed for increased absorption.

General Fabric

Real Dry Glove Towel

Point 5

Dense and hygienic weave structure

Hygienic structure that creates 
less spaces for germs, bacteria, and mites

Make sure for yourself.

Excellent absorption

Absorbs water 3-7 times faster
 than general towels, to shorten drying time.

General Towel

Commleaf Pet Glove

This wearable glove absorbs water caught inside the pet’s long fur or double coat thoroughly and delicately, to prevent skin troubles

Anxiety reduction of pets

Remove the anxiety of bathing, through a gentle, massaging touch, to make a more positive experience. 

DetailsTable header 1
Sizefree 246 x 270mm
The size may be differ depending on measurment method.
소재(N/P) ultrafine fibers


01. Put on gloves
02. Hold your pet’s chin, and wipe gently. Wipe the outside of ears lightly
03. Massage the paws, and thoroughly wipe out any water between them .
04. Gently rub and wipe down the rest of their body.

Cautions for washing

-Wash separately.
-Due to the fine chromatin of ultrafine fibers, the color may fade, depending on the temperature and detergent used.
 -Wash with lukewarm water. Boiling or washing with hot water may deteriorate the absorptivity, as it is weak to high temperatures.
-Avoid using any bleach or fabric softeners, as it may deteriorate the absorptivity.
-Air-dry in a shady and well-ventilated space.  

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