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The real green pet shampoo
The real green pet shampoo
The real green pet shampoo
The real green pet shampoo
The real green pet shampoo
The real green pet shampoo
The real green pet shampoo
The real green pet shampoo
The real green pet shampoo
The real green pet shampoo

The real green pet shampoo


"Great substitute for a messy bath. Not only did this work perfectly to alleviate their "need a bath" odor, but it also softened and conditioned their coats too. They just loved it."

— Leah A. (Verified Customer)

Makes daily pet cleaning a breeze

100% safe and non-toxic

Clean, condition, deoderize & detangle

Leaves coat smelling fresh

Made for dogs and cats that shed

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#All dogs & Cats

#EWG green grade

#98% Natural Origin

더 리얼 그린 펫 샴푸


100% EWG
Green Grade Ingredients

100% Vegan Friendly
NO animal testing
NO animal ingredients.

98%Natural Origin

No fragrances
No artificial coloring

pH6 ~7 Neutral shampoo 

Free from 19 harmful ingredients

Received the highest excellent level in German Derma Test

Antibacterial test

No oil surfactants
Natural surfactant

Serenity for both nature and furry friends, Commleaf

Real Review

Offers peace of mind, as it uses safe ingredients, and is incomparable to other pet shampoos

Over 52,500+ Raving Customers

No Fragrance Or Color

I was surprised at how light the formula was! I am so thankful that it lathers well even though it is not viscous like regular shampoo. There is no fragrance or color, so I am really relieved. My dog's skin is finally getting better!!

- govl

So Good!

My baby’s skin, is getting worse and worse as he is getting older. The scratching increased, his paws are dry, and the nose also has dead skin cells.
This is the first time I've tried such a gentle shampoo. My baby's skin, which has scabs due to frequent scratching, is getting better and better with constant use. I really strangely changed only one shampoo, and it turned out to be so good.
I have no choice but to keep buying.

- 416y

Perfect Shampoo!

My baby has been getting pimples lately, so I've been looking for a non-irritating shampoo with good ingredients, I found it as the perfect shampoo! Personally, I like to use it on regular basis. It is so convenient to use! It lathers well and his fur is so soft even without using conditioner!

- shti

Foams Really Well

My dog suffered a lot from skin disease and skin infections, but after using this product consistently, it has gotten so much better. Huskies are hard to wash, but this product foams really well. Thank you.

- harry

My Fur Is Soft & I love It!

Finally found a healthy shampoo that is perfect for Komi, whose skin gets dry and flaky when the wind blows, not just in winter! The shampoo I used in the past made Komi sneeze when she smelled it and she hated it. Commleaf Shampoo is so amazing. To see her standing still without licking her face even after washing her face with shampoo.. haha
“After washing, my fur is soft and I love it!” 😘😘

- alse

Highly Recommend!

I was worried because my baby’s skin was dry and his fur was always stiff, but after using this, I didn't need to use a separate conditioner, and his coat became so soft and smooth~:) It foams well and washing is a breeze. I love it so much! Highly Recommend!

- 365z

Little Ones Don't Hate!

It's one of the shampoos that even my little ones don't hate. They say that a dog's skin is much more sensitive than a human's, so I think it's really important to wash well with all natural shampoo with healing properties.

- llik

Little Ones Don't Hate!

I thought all natural shampoos would be good as long as they smelled good, but when I met Commleaf, I found out it wasn't. I didn't know that most shampoos were too stimulating for my baby, and I felt sorry for being so ignorant.  I’m always striving to be the mother who studies more for her baby’s health and I strongly recommend using natural low irritation shampoos.

- hyun

Real reviews of
Commleaf The Real Green Pet Shampoo,
a small indulgence from nature

Hypoallergenic skin protection

Received the highest excellent level in German Derma Test!

Get an irritation-free wash
for your dog’s skin and your hands

Commleaf Pet Shampoo has received
the highest excellent level in the German Derma Test
which is widely known for its scrutiny in stimulation testing

Dogs age 7 times faster than humans

Mom, I want a good shampoo, too

Dogs age 7 times faster than humans. Get only good products for your dog. Always be sure to check the ingredients of pet shampoos thoroughly    

Be aware of dermal toxicity

Is your valuable furry friend exposed to dermal toxicity?

Dogs have weaker skin than humans do. Their epidermis is 5 times thinner than that of a human’s, and their pores are wide, so they let in harmful chemical components quickly. You need to be cautious about dermal toxicity build-up.

What is dermal toxicity?

It is a toxic substance that becomes absorbed into the skin.
It penetrates the skin barriers, and absorbs into cells and organs.

Only 10% of the harmful chemicals absorbed into the skin are discharged from the body, while the rest of the 90% built up in the body.

Human Skin

- Sudacid
- Thick epidermis

Dogs Skin

- Neutral
- Thin epidermis
(3-5 times weaker than a human’s)
- Multiple hair follicles

(One follicle has multiple hairs : Pores are wide so harmful chemicals are let in quickly)

3 points of non-toxic hypoallergenic
in Commleaf waterless shampoo 

Don’t be startled by its watery, 

scentless texture!

Brand Commleaf, with the proper value on humans, nature, and companion animals 

Least ingredients

 This product has a watery texture as no chemical thickener is used benefit in order to animals and the environment. General shampoos add a chemical thickener to incre- ase the viscosity of liquid for con- venient use, but such thickener causes itching and hair loss, and sticks in skin, fur, and pores.

No chemical surfactants

This product is made with nature originated surfactants instead of a chemical surfac tant, which causes skin barrier collapse and severe skin irri- tation, and contributes envi- ronmental pollution due to its non-biodegradable properties.

No synthetic pigments
No synthetic fragrances

This product is made with no synthetic pigments or synthe tic fragrances. Fragrance can cause skin dermatitis and incre- ase anxiety and stress in animal companions with a sensitive sense of smell.

Dog’s lifetime shampoo

Dog’s dermal toxicity recovery item
Shampoo for my puppy’s weak skin

What EWG green-grade is ?

It is the safety level of cosmetic ingredients,
classified by an American non-profit environmental organization.
It’s divided into 10 grades, and a smaller grade means a safer formula

99% nature originated ingredients

A safe formula based on a
hypoallergenic recipe,
that also ensures a clean wash.

Asiatic pennywort water (25%)

Also known as Tiger Grass. It comes from the story of a tiger rolling over grass to heal its wound. Widely known for its effectiveness in skin barrier enhancement and skin trouble improvement.

Sebum and trouble care

Houttuynia Cordata Extract

Perilla Frutescens Leaf Extract

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

Rich hydration and nourishing for skin and hair

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil 

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

Skin soothing and hydration

Avena Sativa (Oat) Meal Extract




Dryness, itching, dandruff, flakes, Reddened and sensitive skin Coarse fur


Healthy skin balance maintenance Healthy and moist skin Shiny and soft fur

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